Paws for panic was started in 2011 to provide those suffering from severe panic disorder the opportunity to find assistance with the aid of a specialized – highly trained service dog.


Who Knew-I didn’t, but then I found out. . . how different life could now be with the help of a canine companion. The problem was, no organization that you can wait list on would really ever provide a dog to someone with panic disorder over a wheel chair bound person or someone with more of a medical issue.   I had to search for years to find the right help and the right dog- and now I want to help you.

Hi, I’m Pamela Grossman and more then 10 yeas ago I was hit with debilitating Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia.  Medication- well we are still unsure if that helps at all, and exposure therapy certainly helped enough to keep me from being homebound, but my circle of “safe zone” was  about 5 miles around. Not great.  I had the experience of  taking care of a therapy dog on and off for a year and I was able to see that in fact with his company, doing daily activities was less stressful when he was with me. I mean to the point where I could not believe I was able to do somethings I hadn’t done in 10 years. If all it took was an 80 pound doodle to help me finally gain better control of this – then bring it on I thought.  And of course not being able to get a dog thru an organization, I started the adventure of doing this on my own.  I picked out a puppy that was bred for hypo allergenic and I found a team of trianers that would work with me to perfect the skills I would need for my dog to help my specific needs. That was the painfully hard part. Finding experts in the area of training a service dog for panic disorder.

Now –I want to help you.

If you suffer from severe panic disorder and or Agoraphobia, and want to take the adventure of finding relief and independence from a canine companion,

A doctors recommend is required to begin Service Dog Training.