The DOGgone Truth

The DOGgone Truth

The DOGgone Truth. . .   Do you ever wonder what people are saying about you? I mean your close friends. Are they always 100% truthful? You’d like to think so. Personally, I can’t be around people or call anyone a true friend if I don’t think they are. But...
Running on Empty

Running on Empty

I can honestly say this has NEVER happened to me in my entire driving career which has spanned . . . .achhum,  a few decades. I was always taught to fill the tank when it gets to half a tank (thanks dad).  But yesterday as I was tooling around town...

In the Presence of a Service Dog

“Oh My God he’s so cute”- “Look Madge it’s a Seeing Eye Dog”- Those are just some of the things I hear as I walk thru a public place with my Service Dog Milo.  It’s been quite an education getting used to having him with me. And some of the things I hear and see people do would fill up a book I’m sure. I have to say 85% of the time we get nothing but kindness from the public, but it saddens me when the other 15% don’t behave well.   So from a handler of  a Service Dog I thought I would try to educate the public a little. Not all Service Dogs are “Seeing Eye Dogs”.    Service dogs  are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be trained for many different purposes.  They can...
Get off the couch and Play your Panic Attacks Away

Get off the couch and Play your Panic Attacks Away

Remember the last time your energetic doggie stared at you, just begging for some Frisbee action? It was about 5 minutes ago right!  Bet you couldn’t  ignore those pleading eyes, so instead of vegging on the couch, you got up and played a tug-o-war  with your best bud. No doubt,...
Enter Milo

Enter Milo

  This delicious face, is Milo. 8 weeks old- March 4th 2012 (ok i’m really late in starting the posts). . . but i was so over joyed and busy there was just no time. So let me try and catch up.   I had thought about Milo for years-...
Rescue 911

Rescue 911

I’m watching the rescue of the miners, well,  I was but it’s hard to watch. For the past two months when I think about them trapped underground like that I find that i can’t breath. My sister reminds me that i’m not trapped down there, but I feel for these...

Walk thru the Panic

Posted by unwrapping panic at 1/27/2012 8:49 AM | Add Comment Walk thru the Panic- that’s what the “experts” say you have to do to overcome the attacks. Ten years ago when someone told me to do that, I couldn’t even wrap my head around that thought. Today, as i was in one of my favorite stores- (no not in a mall- still trying to concur those) i could feel my palpitations starting, as i stood on line to pay for a pair of jeans i needed.  My first instinct was of course to run- leave- get out.  But of course all the hard work I’ve gone thru with therapy would tell me to stay and “walk thru the fear” so  i stayed in line. I hated it. I could have dumped the jeans in a minute, but I had to stay there as sweat was pouring down my face...

Pamela Grossman and Milo the Working Dog Try to Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House








During our years of Service Dog Training,  I also decided to go thru Therapy Dog Training so that we could sit and read with children, and make someone who is sick smile. We passed with flying colors and are a part of the Pet Partners|Paws for Life Team of Service Dog and Therapy Dogs.
So when the newly rebuilt Ronald McDonald house reopened I contacted them to start the conversation about volunteering AND allowing Milo to make the families smile. I was abundantly clear that not only was he my task based Service Dog, but he was also a Therapy Dog. After speaking thru email with two different people I was invited to come in and meet with them.

Today was the day. And my body was not behaving well. My heart was racing from the moment I woke up. Panic Disorder was letting me know that it was in me and not giving up without a fight. This was going to be a challenge but I was going to fight thru it. I introduced Milo to Ronald who was sitting stoically in the entry way. Milo wasn’t sure at first but finally- smelled his feet. Well it’s a dog thing!

We met with the Volunteer and as she was taking me around the lower level and introducing the facility with joy- my heart was racing, my lung capacity was low and I was sweating. Nice right! But I was forging thru and my Service Dog was watching me fight and helping me the way he’d been trained to. We were shown the arts n crafts room, the living room, the growing tree and then we were walking to the restaurant where I was informed that we would and I quote “just look from here”- at the doorway and windows in. I asked why and she said because they don’t allow dogs in there.

I know, I know, your all thinking “OH NO SHE DIDN”T” well that’s what I was thinking too. So I took a breath, which was difficult at that moment anyway for Panic Disorder had pulled the lung capacity out from under me hours ago. I reminded her that Milo was my Service Dog and he goes everywhere I go. And she said and I quote “ I know, but this is our policy”. To which I once again said, “no- he is a Service Dog he is allowed everywhere I go”. To which she said, “Well, it’s just our policy.

I did something I haven’t yet been able to do- and that was I took a breath and asked her to come sit down with me that we needed to talk. She was a lovely sweet gal who really meant no disrespect. I knew that. She just wasn’t educated in Therapy Dog VS Service Dog and that frustrated me towards the heads of this facility.

How on earth can you open a facility that tends to the every need of people fighting illness and NOT EDUCATE the workers in that facility. It happens all the time sadly. Hospitals are one of the worst educated- emergency rooms especially.

This is exactly why I produced ADA LAW-The Training Video, to educate businesses on how to comply with ADA Law. If I had been someone else- they might have walked out, called the ADA and requested a fine of up to $50,000 be placed on this facility. Happily for them it was me, and I am going to try to reach out and have them take the training and correct this egregious mistake.

I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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